About us

At the TALIS Project Association and the TALIS Research Group we are a group of teachers and researchers, mostly from the University of Valencia, although teachers from other universities such as the Queen Mary University in London are also present. Experts in managing social projects, both about Social Action and International Cooperation for Development, and tourism and translation professionals are part of both teams as well. Also involved are students of the University of Valencia and other people from society in general who have decided to collaborate with this project.

This is why we define ourselves as a project with an interdisciplinary, interuniversitary and intersectoral approach, as we also promote the involvement of other kinds of entities, such as private companies and NGOs.

All of us share a solid commitment to education, to research and to building a fairer world according to the principles of Sustainable Human Development. In addition, we believe that these goals will be easier to achieve if we work together, join forces and generate synergies between different profiles: teachers, research teams and students; universities and primary or secondary schools; public entities and private establishments; non-profit organisations and companies…


We operate in a network with other universities and educational institutions with whom we have established collaboration agreements, such as:

University of Valencia
Queen Mary University of London
Krosno College
National Kapodistrian University of Athens
Olga Cossettini Secondary School no. 28 of Rosario (Argentina)
Cyprus University of Technology

Plus, we have organised joint activities with other universities and educational institutions such as:

  • Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis (Francia)
  • Lycée Pierre-Gilles de Gennes en Cosne Sur Loire (Francia)
  • Universidad de Islandia en Reikiavik
  • Universidad Federal do Amazonas en Manaos (Brasil)
  • Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Oulu (Finlandia)
  • Universidad Nacional de Trujillo (Perú)
  • RDT Professional School en Anantapur (India)
  • Universidad César Vallejo de Trujillo (Perú)
  • Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência y Tecnologia do Rio Grande
  • Conservatorio de Bamako (Mali)
  • Escuela de primaria Indielu, Kalaban Koro (Mali)
  • University of Western Macedonia (Grecia)
  • University of Nicosia (Chipre)
  • Conservatorio profesional de danza de Valencia (España)

We develop joint projects with social institutions such the VOCES Foundation and the Ayuda en Acción Foundation, and we have also undertaken one-time activities with other entities like Unicef, the Proyecto Solidario Foundation, Observatori del Refugi or UN-I-MÓN. To know more about these social projects, please visit our Cooperation section.

We try to promote cooperative work, so we have established collaborations with private companies like Vaughan Systems, Dualbooks, JPM Ediciones, STIGA or Banco Mediolanum.

More than 50 people are part of the TALIS team, and all of us are dedicated to this project as volunteers. If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us through our general inbox contacto@proyectotalis.com. If you are interested in any specific topic, you may prefer to contact the person in charge of that field:

María Alcantud

General Coordinator of the TALIS Project


Olga Mínguez

Communications Coordinator


Ana Alcaraz

Coordinator of the TALIS Project Association


Sergio Maruenda

Translations Coordinator


Llanos Godes

Management Coordinator


Xavier Mínguez

Training Coordinator