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This April we are to be congratulated! Our proposal submitted within the call from the Development Studies UNESCO´s Chair of the University of Valencia for the project Talis, much more than a Mountain Range… Tales from Peru has been accepted.

This project consists of creative writing and illustration workshops carried out in Peru, in addition to the subsequent revision, translation, and publication of the tales created in the aforementioned workshops, including the corresponding illustrations.

The objective of this call is to support initiatives, activities, and projects carried out by members of the university community which encourage education in human and sustainable development in any discipline. Furthermore, the project hopes to encourage those projects which foster the awareness on the cooperation for the development and the fight against the causes of poverty in the world.

In this regard, the most highlighted activities by the UNESCO’s Chair which are carried out in this scope are: the creation of a network of university exchanges, the promotion of short stays for visiting professors, the promotion of the creation and dissemination of didactic materials on the situation of developing countries, as well as direct aid programmes aimed to improve the teaching and investigation infrastructure, and the training of specialists.