Consulting and Training for Businesses and NGOs

Part of the motivation behind the TALIS Project emerged from noticing how meagre cooperation and transmission of knowledge was between the university sphere, the private sector and non-profit organisations. Therefore, the TALIS Project promotes cooperative work between the different sectors and exchanges of information and experiences. Besides creating joint projects, we also offer the possibility of teacher training courses or consulting services that will transmit the knowledge originated in universities, contributing enrichment the competences of businesses and NGOs in topics such as:

•    Educational innovation.
•    Interculturalism.
•    Writing digital short stories.
•    Service-Learning.
•    Professional English (for presentations, official documents, business).
•    Translation services.
•    Management of social action projects.
•    Social responsibility.
•    Corporate volunteer work.
If you are interested in getting our help for your projects, email us.