Publication of Teaching Materials

Materiales didácticos - Proyecto Talis

One of the founding goals of the TALIS Project Association is the creation of teaching materials and their free distribution in order to facilitate language teaching or self-learning, the advancement of cultural world heritage, and raising awareness about education matters. We try to advance world citizenship, solidarity, interculturalism, peace, respect for the environment, responsible use of global resources, and human rights (including gender and community equality).

Experts in pedagogy, translators and philologists from our association supervise the creation of these materials. College students taking undergraduate degrees in Education, Translation, Educational Sciences and Philology also participate, as do postgraduate students in different fields such as Cooperation for Development, education or translation. For them, participating in this project constitutes an opportunity to learn and practice for their future professional development.

The teaching materials always revolve around the short stories about different cultures and traditions, which are published in parallel bilingual format. Moreover, these narrations are complemented by audio-books, didactic proposals and other learning and teaching tools.
All the materials are multilingual and meant for linguistic education, but they also deal with cultural or ethical aspects, espedifically designed to promote values acquisition in order to intertwine and integrate with different subjects.

We have materials in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Romanian and Quechua, and we are in the process of creating others in German, Croatian, Italian, Catalan or Polish. Go ahead and download our materials here, and make the most of this opportunity to enjoy and/or offer your students the experience of improving their linguistic skills while they immerse themselves in the knowledge of other countries and cultures.