The TALIS Project

The TALIS Project (Teaching and Acquisition of Intercultural and Solidarity Competences through Languages and Literature) is an innovative initiative that aims to promote educational innovation and research in order to improve literary and linguistic education, Education for Development and interculturality. These goals are materialised through the publication of teaching, research, books and teaching materials, as well as the organisation of awareness-raising and cultural and educational recreation activities.

TALIS Project is organised in two broad spheres, each managed by one entity: the TALIS Project Association and the TALIS  Research Group.

The TALIS Project Association gathers teaching professionals, students, social institutions and private entities that share a passion for learning about other languages and cultures, as well as a commitment for a fairer, more sustainable society.
This is undertaken by a team of teachers and researchers of the University of Valencia and social institutions. Our goal is to promote intercultural and literary education, the acquisition of values, global citizenship and integrated language teaching, through innovative education projects destined to people of all ages and all cultures. In this website, you will find detailed information about all the work areas of the TALIS Project Association.

On the other hand, theAPAVAC 2014 - María Alcantud-Diaz TALIS Research Group works to generate a theoretical framework for intercultural competence development and a methodology that allows the application of strategies suitable for didactic use in second language, literature and arts education. The group’s research focuses on educational innovation and ITC usage as applied to language teaching, to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and to global citizenship. Experts in didactics, pedagogy, philology, translation, documentation, communication, sociology and cooperation for development comprise this interdisciplinary team.

Their activities revolve around organising creative writing (enlace) and illustration workshops in several countries, and around research and popularisation efforts through specialised publications, conferences and other scientific forums.