Creative Writing and Illustration Workshops

The TALIS Research Group organises creative writing and illustration workshops in different countries, through cooperation with universities, secondary and primary schools or social institutions.

People from all ages and educational levels can to participate in the workshops, which give the opportunity to learn narrative and illustration techniques, encourage reading and writing, rescue cultural identities and reinforce intercultural competence.

The short stories must be original, but based on traditional stories, legends or customs, so that participants will reconsider their cultural heritage and promote mutual knowledge between people from different cultures with their tales.

Later, these stories will be edited in a multilingual format, turning them into language-learning tools that will be available for any student, educational institution or interested party in our books or as a free download on our website.

This allows us to achieve two of the specific goals of the TALIS Project: using literary education for language learning, the development of intercultural competences, and to promote creativity as a tool for values acquisition that will contribute to a more solidary and sustainable world.
So far, there have been workshops in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, France, Spain, India, Mali, Peru, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Would you like to organise a Workshop? We are sure taht your country or region has a rich cultural heritage, worth preserving and sharing. Email us at


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